Why make an event teaser?

In this article on the theme of video, we will show you the importance of creating an event teaser for your next event, festival, trade show, fair, exhibition, concerts… Before answering the question why make an event teaser, you should ask yourself what is a teaser?

Event teaser

What is an event teaser?

Video is an excellent communication tool for any communication strategy. It allows you to communicate with your audience and prospects. The video format, especially when the video is short, has a real engagement rate. It is also a very effective and impacting way on the web and social networks.

The event teaser is a short video of about 30 seconds. It is used for communication prior to an event. He summarizes the event in question with strong images that make people want to know more and invite the public to attend. The event teaser can be used by all professionals in all sectors of activity and for all events (seminars, congresses, fairs, conferences, festivals).

What are the objectives and benefits of a teaser?

It is important to determine the different objectives of the teaser beforehand. The event teaser, like a movie trailer, is used to arouse the audience’s envy. The purpose of the event teaser is to show the atmosphere of the event to bring people together around this subject and above all, to keep the community on their toes.

It increases the participation rate in the event because it benefits from greater visibility. And above all, the highly popular video format of the web makes it easier to make an impact.

How to make an event teaser?

You have several possibilities to make your own teaser or have it made by an audiovisual production company.

  • With archive images of previous events

First of all, it is possible to create an event teaser using images shot during past events, such as a festival. From one edition to the next, the teasers are made from the videos shot during last year’s edition, and thanks to these archival images, it is possible to convey a strong message with emotions and convey a dynamic atmosphere.

  • In motion design

When it is the first event to be held, with a single poster image or flyer, it is still possible to create a teaser in motion design. The CG Evasion team can create a dynamic animation from your poster or other graphic elements. The video below for the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants d’Entreprise in Bordeaux is a good example since it was made from their poster.

  • Thanks to image banks

Finally, even if you do not have any images in your possession, it is still possible to create an event teaser. You can buy or obtain images for free from image banks on the Internet. Once you have these images in your possession, all you have to do is edit them to obtain the final result.